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In recent versions

In all Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro versions since 2002, your serial number is readily available in the software itself. Just start the software, open a plan (either a sample or your own plan), and select About... from the Help menu. The window that opens will show your serial number:

How to find your serial number

Version 4.0

The serial numbers for Business Plan Pro 4.0 and Marketing Plan Pro 4.0 are located on an orange sticker on the back of the CD ROM case. If you purchased your software directly through Palo Alto Software, then you would have received an order confirmation email message that includes your serial number(s).

Earlier versions

Here is a list of serial number locations for earlier versions of Palo Alto Software programs:

  • Business Plan Pro 1.1 to 1.21, Marketing Plan Pro 1.x: The serial number insert.
  • Business Plan Pro version 2.0, Marketing Plus version 2.0, and 2.2: The yellow registration card inside your manual.
  • Business Plan Pro version 3.0 and Marketing Plan Pro version 3.0: The Getting Started manual.

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